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Google Chrome is released by Google on December 11, 2008. This is an open source accessing World Wide Web. It is available for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, Android and iOS operating systems. 60% of desktop users worldwide rely on Chrome. However, It has also some flaws such as direct integration with Google. This is also known for memory hogging and uses more RAM than other browsers. Google Chrome is not only a browser having unique features. There are some are Alternative Of Google Chrome listed, you just need to pick the one that suits your needs best.

Mozilla Firefox

Firefox definitely deserves because of its amazing features and lightweight. Firefox allows far more control over your privacy than does Chrome.It allows complete control over things like webRTC (which can leak info about your IP address, hardware), whereas Chrome/Chromium and related browsers don’t have this control. It’s free, open source has large add-ons, and now it’s a Quantum fast browser.Mozilla Firefox does have support extensions and plugins which can be downloaded from its official add-ons website.

Compatibility: Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS
Download Mozilla Firefox:


This is an open source and lighter and has all functions of chrome. If you are who don’t like closed-source software, then Chromium is for you. Additionally, many Linux distributions require you to use open-source software, so Chromium can be default browser there as well.This is a good alternative if you want using a lighter browser.It doesn’t come with an updater, so you will have manually update each time update releases. You can download extensions for Chromium from Google Web Store.

Compatibility: Windows, OS X, and Linux.
Download Chromium:

Vivaldi Browser

This is fast, feature list and highly customizable.the Vivaldi browser was created by a team that had previously worked on Opera.
You can customize whether its design or features. Some of its features include adaptive colors, auto sync, built-in email client, gestures, tab groups etc. You can adjust where you want to see the tabs or search bar and also use different commands to access browser features.It’s based on chromium, supports almost all chrome add-ons. Download Google Chrome Extensions from Chrome Web Store.

Compatibility: Windows, OS X, and Linux
Download Vivaldi:


Opera is resource friendly with fast navigation and lighter than the Firefox.It has many features like “Speed Dial”.It has a special feature “Turbo Mode” that other browsers don’t offer when this mode is enabled it compressed and decreased the size of access data which provides faster loading time and uses lesser internet data.It offers optional, automatic ad-blocking and, more intriguingly, a free, one-click VPN client that ads a crucial layer of security.

Compatibility: Windows, OS X, Linux, Android, and iOS
Download Opera:

Microsoft Edge

This web browser is in development by Microsoft, it will replace Internet Explorer as a default browser on Windows 10 PCs, smartphones.This is still not good as a Chrome but it also offers fast browsing and good features.In this, you can completely customize home page.
Microsoft is still working on extensions integration, so you will have to wait to access this browser.

Compatibility: Windows 10


This web browser is developed by and bundled with Mac OS X. This is a default browser in Mac OS X v10.3 and later.It was first released on January 7, 2003.Safari is faster because this uses less RAM.It might not be too much customizable. It fast browsing, security and lightweight features make it a good alternative for Mac users.

Compatibility: Mac OS X and iOS
Download Safari:


This is fast, free, secure web browser with features for tracking, security protection and removing intrusive advertisements. As you think that blocking is wrong ethically? It blocks add but Brave comes with an alternative Brave Payment Model.It keeps a track of websites where ads are blocked and then pays those websites every month using the money in your virtual wallet.

Compatibility: Available as a free download for Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, and Android
Download Brave:


Maxthon browser contains innovative features, speed, and security. Its cloud storage and compatibility make it best.All browsing history, cookies, and cache will stay synced using Maxthon’s cloud storage service. we can easily share data with other devices only just a few clicks this means you can easily access and control a tab opened on your PC with your smartphone.
You can download Maxthon extensions from its official website.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac, Android, iOS, Linux
Download Maxthon:

Comodo Dragon

This web browser based on Chromium technology that offers Google Chrome features, its security featured is far better than Chrome this is offered by web security company named Comodo.
It will scan pages and ensure that it free from malware or other harmful data.You will also have full control over Privacy and it even blocks the content which violates the privacy.

Compatibility: Windows
Download Comodo Dragon:


It uses advanced isolation technology it protects the computer from malware by keeping it away from our hard drive.To start Cocoon’s advanced security features you have to create an account and click the Power button in the browser. The browser encrypts all data flowing into and out of your computer, protecting you from data theft. This data goes through Cocoon’s servers for the encryption.

Compatibility: Windows, Mac
Download Cacoon:


This browser is available for macOS and Windows as a beta version. Beta versions are available for free, service pricing will be introduced after public release.This uses without tabbing system, In this links are designed to replace bookmarks and history you can add man web pages to links for future references with a single click.This is fast efficient and uncluttered. you can browse our favorite websites with the largest view and least distraction.

Download Colibri: The app is currently in beta, and you’ll need to email the developers to get access to the download link.

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